Anger Management Evaluation in Atlanta, Marietta and Surrounding Area

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Anger Management Evaluation

Have you had a bout of uncontrollable feelings, frustrations, or anger? Are you concerned about the frequency with which you have had outbursts of emotions? Do you want more strategies to proactively process your feelings and emotions before presented with an undesirable situation?
There are many situations, both interpersonal, intrapersonal, societal, etc. that can cause anger. Amongst other causes, anger may be caused by interpersonal disagreements, feelings of deceit or disappointment. It may also be caused by intrapersonal feelings of unmet expectations, discouragement, or unattained goals/desires. Anger could be caused by societal factors, such as being impacted by community changes, financial responsibilities, or unfavorable distractions. Anger management is not just about controlling anger. It is also about productive emotion processing.
At Atlanta Treatment Center, we acknowledge that anger is a natural emotion. It is also a secondary emotion stemming from some other emotion like sadness, disappointment, fear, or concern. Anger management is not about restricting anger.
Instead, anger management is about building self-awareness of physiological responses and regulation of those emotions. Learning how to identify your feelings and make an intentional decision on how to respond to anger stimulus is a large part of the anger management treatment.
At ATC, our anger management evaluation process provides potential clients an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a certified anger management specialist, who will evaluate the nature of any problems or cases that a client is having. The evaluation gets the client involved through discussion of factors affecting feelings.
Anger may stem from a deeper emotion connected to a different time, place, or person. It may also be a recent situation that stimulates an anger response. No matter the cause, Atlanta Treatment Center has professionals who are capable of supporting you through the process of identifying feelings and managing them in a productive way.