ASAM Level I Treatment and Classes in Atlanta, Marietta and Surrounding Area

At Atlanta Treatment Center we provide cutting-edge addiction counseling and treatment. American Society of Addiction Counseling (ASAM) levels of care provide a standard classification for describing the continuum of recovery-oriented addiction services.  Sign up for ASAM Level 1 Treatment evaluations and DUI classes in Atlanta, Marietta and surrounding areas.

Atlanta Treatment Center provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, and mental health treatment services in Atlanta, Marietta, and surrounding areas. We implement an eclectic therapeutic (Therapeutic Modality) treatment approach empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lifestyles. We use a new approach to an old problem. To register for an ASAM Level 1 Substance Abuse Counseling class, call 404-333-8301 or sign up below.

We are proud to have been providing superior quality outpatient service for 10 years. We have served thousands of clients, and have a history of providing the highest quality contracting services to hospitals, managed care entities, corporations, religious groups, and the community.

ASAM Level 1 Treatment Classes AtlantaThe Atlanta Treatment Center’s mission is to consistently provide superior quality service to our clients, the community, and referral sources. We strive to inspire hope and enrich lives by teaching agencies and individuals to become self-empowered through a unique set of universal principles that are presented in a positive, understandable, and enthusiastic manner. We have integrated a unique combination of philosophies, 12-step, rational recovery, and cognitive-behavioral models that have been tried and tested to be successful to the recovery of our clients. Our model’s success is backed by scientific research.

We believe that each client is a unique human being and is to be treated with unconditional honor regardless of attitudes, opinions, judgments, beliefs, race, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. We believe that all people are entitled to quality treatment at an affordable rate. We provide well-trained licensed professionals to assist us in accomplishing this. We present positive empowerment strategies that can enhance each person’s efforts to achieve and maintain a quality of life that is positive in nature. We inspire each person to strive for excellence by presenting the program in a positive manner.

We have selected the best combination of therapeutic modalities to present to our clients and help them have the best experience during their substance abuse treatment. We provide flexible open-ended lesson plans and have a complete case management component. We individualize each treatment plan to fit the exact needs of each client whether it is for substance abuse, domestic violence, or mental health services. We have continuous quality improvement measurements in place to make sure we are constantly improving. We are constantly growing and serving all locations near Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas.


  • Honors Your Presence
  • Inspires Through Love
  • Raises Your Level of Awareness
  • Builds On Your Strengths
  • Encourages You to Empower Yourself
  • Shows You How Well You Can Be
  • Teaches Heart Empowerment

All classes and groups at our substance abuse treatment centers (except Intensive Outpatient) are offered in English & Spanish. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is in English only. Atlanta Treatment Center is a state-licensed outpatient facility for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.

To register for an ASAM Level 1 Substance Abuse Counseling class in Atlanta or If you are looking for Drug and Alcohol Evaluations in AlpharettaDrug and Alcohol Evaluations in Smyrna,  Drug and Alcohol Evaluations in Tucker, GA, you can call 404-333-8301 or sign up below.