Mental Health Evaluations

What Are Mental Health Assessments?

Mental health assessments are evaluations conducted by mental health professionals to assess a person’s mental health, diagnose any mental health conditions, and develop treatment plans. They involve gathering information from the individual, talking to family and friends, and conducting physical and psychological tests. This assessment helps to ensure that the patient receives the most appropriate care for their individual needs.

At Atlanta Treatment Center, a mental health assessment is more than a process of gathering information about a person’s mental health status and history in order to make a diagnosis or develop a treatment plan.

It is the beginning of a journey towards healing.The assessment may include a variety of tools, such as interviews, psychological tests, and physical exams. One of our trained and experienced mental health clinicians can help identify any mental health issues you may have, determine what type of treatment would be best, and make sure that any medications prescribed are safe and effective.

Some mental disorders an evaluation may help diagnose includes:

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders

How to Prepare for a Mental Health Evaluation