About Us

Our Goal

We partner with clients to provide a holistic program that addresses a variety of needs and issues, using cutting-edge treatment modality based on Motivational Interviewing and a 6 stages-of-change approach. We conduct individual and group therapy, as well as psychoeducational group sessions addressing issues such as coping with trauma, grief loss, stress management, relapse prevention, and peer support.

Kind Of Therapy

Therapy is a process through which clients work one-on-one or in a group with a trained therapist—in a safe, caring, and confidential environment—to explore their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.
“Consistency of Behavioral changes and its impacts on daily living is more often a struggle to go through.” There is a range of behavioral changes and issues seen in struggling adults these days comprising in Anger, loss, depression, anxiety, and Chemical Dependency.
Relationships where the emotions keep changing, along with the Neuroscience; such relationships live at the edge of damage. Couples Therapy is a psychological approach to grant to a new way of living to these relationships where there is a possibility of damage is comparatively less and negligible
“Relationships take a lot to build, however, more often than not seem to break in no time until or unless at least one person is mature enough to smoothen the respective relationship and the issue with being quite compromising.”