Parenting Classes for Court in Atlanta, Marietta and Surrounding Area


Having a newborn seems to be the most life altering, pivotal time in an individual’s life. You’re thrown into a world in which you have to care for the well-being of another human being, and it does not come with a manual. Once you think you have gotten the hang of parenting, here comes the *whispers* “terrible twos”, then the “threenager” stage, the independence of 4 year olds, new school procedures for 5 year olds and on and on. Needless to say, the life changes that come with parenting through puberty, the teenage stages, high school, college, and into adulthood. Once you become a parent, there is never a time that it stops. No matter which stage(s) of parenting you are in, there is always room to improve and continue positively developing the parent/child bond.
Parenting looks different at every stage and for every parent/child relationship. Parenting counseling is available to help you navigate through all the twists and turns that the ride may take you on. Counseling can help support individual instances and situations that may arise, as well as general parental philosophies to help guide your home atmosphere and core beliefs through which you would like to operate. Along the parenting continuum, children go from asking for permission to asking for advice. Atlanta Treatment Center can help bridge the gap and transition through the different stages of parenting.
Positive parenting helps, the parent, child, and the parent/child relationship. The foundational beliefs developed and explored through parenting counseling can help develop effective interpersonal communication skills and healthy attachment styles for all involved.
Our Parenting classes are designed to explore positive parenting skills and attitudes to parents. We split sessions up over 12 sessions which run as 2-hour sessions each. We encourage clients to develop effective decision-making skills to better their life and overall family unit.