All You Wanted to Know About Family Violence Intervention Programs (FVIP) in Atlanta

Family Violence

Family violence covers a broad range of acts and can include many different forms of abuse. Within this category, violence towards others may include but is not limited to spouses, siblings, children, and elderly family members. Violent acts may be physical alone or have a component of mental, emotional, or verbal abuse (threats included) as well. These acts tend to be harmful not only to the victim, but immediate family members as well. Atlanta Treatment Center provides treatment for family violence through our Family Violence Intervention Program.
Violent acts may stem from many places. It may be from a sudden onset of frustration that makes you lose control, an overwhelming sense of anger or feelings of received disrespect, or it could be from built-up contentions and disagreements.
Abusing family members also usually come from deeper roots. The after feelings of responsibility and guilt can be difficult to process and organize. Working through the layers of action, abuse, anger, guilt, responsibility, ownership, and change can be a demanding undertaking. Atlanta Treatment Center has counselors available to help through the different stages of intervention and processing the feelings of clients.
The Atlanta Treatment Center’s goal is to help clients heal from within. In our Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP), we focus on providing our client with the tools to cope with anger and to eliminate violence and aggressive hostility. We offer a safe space for individuals to take responsibility and own the role they played in their current situation. Our clients will have a chance to learn and practice strategies and techniques to confront the root cause of their situation and seek productive ways to handle future triggers. We assist our clients to reflect on past situations to better understand themselves and utilize healthy techniques to work-through painful and otherwise difficult situations.