Intensive Outpatient Program


Atlanta Treatment Center offers comprehensive programming for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Located in Marietta, near Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Treatment Centers provides a full spectrum of care, offering lasting recovery. Our structured programs are centered on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Effective Learning, and Holistic Integration. We hold true to the definition of addiction provided by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and by integrating the spiritual, emotional, mental, biological and physiological wholeness of each individual; we can provide appropriate assessments and work collaboratively with all healthcare professionals to produce improved outcomes.

Length of Stay

ASAM Level 1 Treatment Classes Atlanta

Note: Upon continued assessment, participants will experience in treatment intensity. Further assessment will determine if treatment should be extended.

We are a group of professional counselors, who have spent the last 20 years changing lives through behavior modification and evidenced based practice.

Downtown • Marietta • Decatur

30-Day Intensive Outpatient Program

Broken up into 3-Phases

Phase I: 14 days 4x per week
Phase II: 10 days 3x per week
Phase III: 6 days 2x per week

Class Schedule

Mon · Wed · Thu · Fri

9am-12pm –Check in/Educational Group Session
12pm-1pm –Lunch
1pm-3pm – Experiential/Processing Group

Our Team of professionals comprise of the following:

1755 The Exchange SE, Suite 375, Atlanta, GA 30339
404-333-8301 • • [email protected]