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Anger Management —Therapists and Counselors in Lovejoy, GA

At Atlanta Treatment Center (ATC), our services of anger management evaluation in Lovejoy, GA provides an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a certified anger management specialist near you, who will evaluate the nature of any problems or cases that a client may be experiencing. The evaluation gets the client involved through a discussion of factors affecting abuse. Anger is one of the primary reasons people cross the limits and do what they are not supposed to.

Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic program in Lovejoy, GA. The goal of anger management is to equip program participants with the skills required to control and prevent anger. Contrary to popular belief, an anger management program does not teach program participants to never get angry or suppress feelings of anger. Instead, it helps them understand why they get angry and identify healthy outlets.

What is Anger?

Anger is a negative emotion characterized by hostility towards a person or thing that has deliberately done you wrong. Anger is a natural response to perceived threats. We all get angry; however, uncontrolled anger can affect a person’s physical and mental health as well as their professional and personal relationships. So if you struggle to control your anger or find that you lash out at others and later regret your words or actions, contact ATC today so that we can help you.

Anger Management Evaluation

What is an Anger management assessment?

An anger management evaluation consists of a clinical interview that provides the therapist (a licensed mental health professional) an opportunity to better understand the patient and anger triggers. During an anger management evaluation, the therapist asks the patient several questions to determine if the person is willing to recognize that they have anger issues.

An anger management evaluation involves analyzing the person’s background information to determine and examine the factors that make it hard for them to maintain their composure in stressful and frustrating situations.

What to expect at an Anger Management Assessment Report?

First, the therapist asks the individual a few questions to see if they recognize that they have anger issues or outrightly reject that they have problems controlling their anger. The next part of the assessment is a clinical interview (usually a phone or video interview is conducted). The typical clinical interview lasts 40-50 minutes.

In the interview, the therapist discusses the individual’s background and then asks the patient to explain to them the incident that led to the charge or resulted in the court-mandated anger management assessment.

Once the interview is over, the therapist discusses treatment options with the patient. They prepare a detailed report which includes the individual’s diagnosis.

In case the therapist does not make a diagnosis, the report should include an apt explanation. If the therapist determines that the person can have temper outbursts in the future, they should include their recommendations to remedy the problem in the report.

How long does an anger management assessment take?

In their first appointment, the patient may be asked to fill out some forms. This typically takes 30 minutes. The typical clinical interview lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. 

How do you assess anger issues?

Therapists use several methods to assess anger issues. In your sessions with your therapist, the professional may give you tests or conduct exercises to see how you react to different situations.

They may also ask you to describe your feelings and emotions. When exposed to a particular situation they try to extract as much information as they can and use it to understand why you have difficulty preventing violent outbursts.

How can a psychologist help me tame my temper?

Psychologists use a range of methods including relaxation-based interventions to treat individuals with anger issues. They help their patients learn positive behaviors and unlearn the negative ones.

In therapy, individuals learn new skills to deal calmly with anger-inducing situations. During therapy sessions, therapists encourage their patients to recognize thinking processes that lead to outbursts and develop rational alternative thinking processes that are aligned with reality.

What are court-ordered anger management classes?

A court can order a person found guilty of disturbing the peace, battery, destroying property or threatening an individual/(s) to take anger management classes if it reaches the conclusion that the accused has anger issues and their inability to control their anger can lead to aggressive behavior.

What are the benefits of Anger Management Evaluation Lovejoy?

Anger Management Evaluation Lovejoy encourages empathy while helping individuals with anger issues become better individuals. Individuals in therapy discover many things about themselves they previously didn’t know. Anger management equips people with anger issues with the skills required to control hurtful outbursts and also helps them improve their relationships.

Why Choose ATC for Anger Management Evaluation Lovejoy?

The ATC team consists of licensed therapists committed to helping people with anger issues overcome negative emotions.  We do not judge people who have difficulty controlling their anger and treat them with empathy. Our therapists go the extra mile, if required, to win the trust of their patients.

Our Anger Management class or Anger Management Evaluation Lovejoy is tailored to get to the core of each participant’s anger triggers and discover appropriate responses to triggers. We partner with each participant to create and obtain achievable goals that result in a healthier individual overall. Need help breaking the vicious cycle of anger? To make an appointment, call 404-333-8301.

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