There Any Advantages of Joining DUI School or Programs?

Advantages of Joining DUI School

Yes, of course, if you don’t want criminal charges against you for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It would be best if you were taking the program with the guidance of a professional DUI School.

In cases when you are convict of the offense of DUI for the first time, or you notice early signs of addiction or disorder. It is also for avoiding conviction and giving probation for not repeating the same fault or any chances of accidents.

Reasons for Joining A DUI Program

  1. Bargaining Tool – If you are charged for driving under the influence and before the trial if you take the DUI course. It can act as a bargaining tool for you, only if you don’t have any antecedent of the crime. It can be helpful for you in a plea for driving recklessly and not repeating the same mistake again.
  2. Risk Reduction Program – It is often used as an alternative for incarceration or prison. The process of going through is mandated if you are charged for DUI. Also, your attorney would choose to keep you at the school instead of the prison. The reason for sending you to take the course most likely includes reducing the risk of such incidents happening further and decrease your dependency on such substances.

What Happens In The DUI Programs?

The programs of DUI vary from the providers of the program. The objective stands in the DUI program is to perpetuate your sobriety. The similarity that happens in almost all sessions is counseling and providing you the education of the laws related to drugs or alcohol.dui-assessment-classes/

You must be committed to sobriety and attend the classes without sleeping in them. You might not need to participate actively in group counseling sessions. But the individual counseling session is required with total concentration.

It should be noted that this is a probation period for you instead of putting you in jail. So, if you are found intoxicated or under the influence of these substances, you might have to leave the classes. Also, this will be considered as a violation of the probation given to you.




Obtaining a DUI evaluation and enrolling in DUI School are the initial steps in complying with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) and a possible court requirement.
The Evaluator gathers all information to make an objective recommendation. A detailed interview is completed gathering substance use history, criminal history, driving records, and any prior arrest history during the DUI evaluation, a urinalysis is also completed. After the assessment, an appropriate course of action is recommended.  Some individuals may not need any further action, but the 20-hour Risk Reduction course is an absolute requirement by the Department of Driver Services. Other individuals may need treatment to address issues such as substance abuse, excessive alcohol use, or underlying addiction issues. The treatment recommendation consists of either a short-term program (six to twelve weeks) or a long-term program (seventeen to fifty-two weeks) ASAM Level I program. Some individuals may be recommended as ASAM Level II and above, which is a higher level of care and requires a longer period of treatment. Recommendations could vary. An individual may be referred to attend NA/AA 12-steps groups.


One – Complete a Needs Assessment

Two– Attend and complete 20 consecutive hours of the Risk Reduction
Program (RRP)

Three – Obtain a certificate of completion

Four– Submit an original certificate to the Department of Driver


Given that DUI Evaluations, along with the treatment recommendations provided, are often used to minimize and alleviate court sentences, individuals are highly encouraged to undergo evaluations as soon as possible, which demonstrates to the court and prosecution your willingness to take responsibility for your actions and follow-thru with the suggested treatment plan. Please make sure you discuss your situation with one of our Clinical Evaluators to determine the best course of action for your case.