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The Atlanta Treatment Center serving Rex, GA provides the tools for a DUI offender to fulfill court requirements, such as attending DUI Evaluations in Rex , undergoing a clinical evaluation, and completing any treatment recommended by the DUI clinical evaluator.

Our DUI Clinical Evaluations is conducted by a DBHDD approved professional who is certified in the field of addiction. The evaluator will assess and provide recommendations for treatment that best help our clients.

The Atlanta Treatment Center is a state-approved DUI center serving Rex and can be verified by the state registry to assist your needs. To understand how it works, contact Atlanta Treatment Center at 404-333-8301 and get a free consultation.

How Does a DUI Happen?

As every car owner knows, the simplest way to avoid a DUI charge is always to refrain from getting behind the wheel when you’ve consumed alcoholic beverages. Although such a reminder seems like common sense, many believe that they are competent at driving while drunk. Weaving between lanes, slower response time, or simply taking a phone call from someone can potentially result in reasonable suspicion in a competent authority’s eyes.

What to Do if You Were Pulled Over?

As the police officer comes to your car, remain in the car or truck with your hands visible, and provide the police officer with your identification and vehicle ownership papers. Although you shouldn’t provide more information than is asked of you, attempt to respond to any requests in a polite and composed way, and if asked to move out of your car, do it.

The officer may wish to execute a Standard Field Sobriety Test, which you will have the right to refuse. They would probably then request that you comply with an initial breath evaluation, which you might likewise deny with no later legal ramifications. Having denied the officer’s option to evaluate you, they will be working with mainly visible cues – your overall look, ability to drive properly, general recognition, capability to stand – to discover a likely cause to detain you.

If you’re arrested, the officer will bring you to the station, where you’ll take either a blood or breath alcohol content test. Though you can deny the testing, this may seem to a court as an ‘unreasonable’ refusal, which may bring about a year-long revocation of your license without the possibility of a limited license. On the other hand, if you consent to the exam and are found guilty, you will likely still be given a restricted license. Respectful conduct and a willingness to comply are regarded favorably by police, but you may want to hold your own legal rights close in your mind. Need more information about DUI Evaluations in Rex Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

Once more, the simplest way to stay away from these problems is simply to keep from driving while intoxicated. If you have recently been accused of drunk driving, you may want to seek advice from an experienced DUI school near you. You can take a clinical examination, a one-on-one meeting between you and a DHR-certified drug and Alcohol addiction expert. A court or probation officer may order you to attend classes if you are charged with a DUI. Your lawyer will advise you to complete a DUI clinical evaluations in Rex before appearing in court in many circumstances. To understand how it works, get in touch with Atlanta Treatment Center. Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

How Rex DUI Evaluations and DUI Classes in Rex can Help?

Given that DUI Evaluations Rex along with the treatment recommendations provided are often used to minimize and alleviate court sentences. Individuals are highly encouraged to undergo evaluations as soon as possible, demonstrating to the court and prosecution your willingness to take responsibility for your actions and follow through with the suggested treatment plan. Please make sure you discuss your situation with one of our Clinical Evaluators to determine the best course of action for your case.



STEP 1 – Complete a needs assessment

STEP 2 – Attend and complete 20 consecutive hours of the Risk Reduction Program (RRP)

STEP 3 – Obtain a certificate of completion

STEP 4– Submit an original certificate to the Department of Driver Services

Benefits From DUI Classes In Rex, GA

DUI programs mean that if you’re arrested for a DUI, you will be required to attend an alcohol education program. This type of program will educate you on substance abuse and addiction, as well as the consequences of driving under the influence.

DUI classes are dissimilar from state to state. At first offense, DUI means that you have to complete a 9-month class. You have to be registered in this program in order to acquire a restricted driver’s license. Either way, it is an obligatory class that the court requires you to enroll in. Simply put, you will enter a room together with other people who were also charged with DUI. The therapist will go over the unhelpful aspects of drugs and alcohol. The DUI classes are once a day and approximately 2 hours each week. If all courses are the same, it rotates from one to two-hour group meetings in the first week, 15 minutes personal meetings in the second week, and so on. You also get to watch movies connected to alcohol, drugs, and drinking and driving.

Short-term DUI classes will provide you with the knowledge and information you need to identify situations that could directly lead to a DUI. Then you can use appropriate tools to avoid putting yourself in those circumstances again.

Long-term DUI classes will surely expand the range of the short-term classes and add up to cover the effects of alcohol on your body. It will also talk about other prohibited drugs as well as recovery and addiction in general.

Benefits of DUI Classes In Rex

Why Choose Atlanta Treatment Center?

At Atlanta Treatment Center, we partner with clients to provide a holistic program that addresses various needs and issues, using cutting-edge treatment modalities based on Motivational Interviewing and a 6 stages-of-change approach. In addition, we conduct individual and group therapy and psychoeducational group sessions addressing issues such as coping with trauma, Anger Management, grief loss, stress management, relapse prevention, and peer support. Consult Atlanta Treatment Center for more DUI Evaluations in Rex . Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

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