Fraud Blocker Ufuoma Oyibo | CEO and Clinician - Meet Here Ufuoma Oyibo | CEO and Clinician - Meet Here
Meet Ufuoma Oyibo | CEO and Clinician

Meet Ufuoma Oyibo | CEO and Clinician

Meet Ufuoma Oyibo | CEO and Clinician

Meet Ufuoma Oyibo | CEO and Clinician


Ufuoma Oyibo, a licensed therapist and the CEO of Atlanta Treatment Center, specializes in mental health counseling, stress & anger management, and marriage and family therapy. Her great timeless principles and habits, such as excellence, integrity, and networking, play a significant role in her life as a person and therapist.

Ufuoma’s practice focuses on treating a wide range of mental health conditions through individualized treatment plans that help people restore harmony in their lives. Using a holistic program that integrates six stages of change, wellness coaching, and motivational interviewing, clinicians at Atlanta Treatment Center identify and address underlying issues that may be causing difficulties for clients. They have worked with patients from all walks of life, including newlyweds, adolescents, anxious college students, families, and single parents.

She and her team help clients who experience and want to cope with grief and loss, trauma, substance abuse, life transitions, relationship problems, anger management, depression, and beyond.

Her counseling style is warm, interactive, and supportive. She works with her clients to support and help them feel empowered to move forward in their lives by improving their mental health. Ufuoma Oyibo is passionate about helping clients grow into their best selves, overcome obstacles holding them back from being successful, and live a more fulfilled life.

When Ufuoma is not counseling clients, she spends her leisure time relishing succulent food, shopping, relaxing and pampering herself at the spa, and doing activities that she enjoys. Ufuoma Oyibo’s family and friends have been with her. They helped her stay focused and made it possible for her to pursue her goals while attending to her responsibilities as a mother and wife.

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