Symptoms to acknowledge the presence of Depression

Symptoms to acknowledge the presence of Depression

Symptoms to acknowledge the presence of Depression

Depression is definitely not a feeling of just being Sad, however, today, depression has evidently known as a kind of mental illness where one loses interest in living at all. In the past few years, Atlanta Therapy Center has handled more than a thousand numbers of patients with mental Illness in which each 1 out of three suffers from depression. In discussion with experts therapist Atlanta, it has been concluded that “There is a range of symptoms in order to acknowledge the presence of depression.” The signs are also depicted below. In noteworthy of mentioning, it is not important that one may relate to each sign or symptom of depression. Hence, it is only informative and we recommend you to connect with your therapist if any of the signs or symptoms may relate. Take a glimpse—

Oversleeping/Trouble Sleeping/Disturbed Sleeping Pattern

The nature of Depression is distinctive in each individual suffering from it. Some depressed people may face oversleeping. On the other hand, some may face trouble in sleeping. In simple words, the sleeping pattern changes negatively in the presence of depression. Apart from this, in both cases, one may find it difficult to get out of bed even though he/she is not sleeping.

Avoid anyone’s company

The one who is depressed does not appreciate being with people. More often than not, they try to avoid human company. They prefer to be left alone, not become a part of any adventurous plans and they only seek an opportunity to get into bed once the daily duties are fulfilled. In such a situation, it becomes tough for a depressed person to meet people, talk about what he/she is feeling, or even be around people who may make him/her happy. Couples Therapy Atlanta assists one to get out of the system and share their genuine feelings in the context of life and the future.

Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts

Depression more often makes the sufferer feel the impossibilities on the subject of living. For an instance, one may think about the future as an empty place. This gives rise to suicidal thoughts. In some cases, the sufferer becomes addicted to pain and hence, tries to harm himself/herself. Self-Harm is rare in cases. However, suicidal thoughts are common and effective. It is recommended that if anyone of you is thinking of dying or seeing life as something Pointless—please do talk to someone!

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