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The Battle Against Alcohol Abuse

The Battle Against Alcohol Abuse

The Battle Against Alcohol Abuse

Abusing alcohol and other substances is a big problem out there and if you are one of them then I am afraid that you are suffering from substance abuse. It is an expensive problem in more ways than one as it also affects family, friends and work colleagues. The latest statistics show that substance abuse causes nearly 100,000 deaths per year and that’s just in the US and Canada.

Alcohol has a really negative effect on our kids too, especially at college. It also increases the tendency to smoke and try out other illegal substances. What future will they have with such serious problems at such a young age? To add insult to injury, alcohol related motor accidents are the number one cause of death for our teenagers.

If the truth is to be told, alcohol or drug use could be a result of kids being depressed, which is even more common in our overrated society. The problem of alcohol abuse becomes a reality when it begins to interfere with your daily life and your performance is way down. When we refer to alcoholism it is the eventual step of feeling physically or emotionally dependent on alcohol just to get through another day.

If we try to define the actual drinking habits of somebody who abuses alcohol, we can’t. This condition caters for those who drink daily as well as those who just like to go over the top at weekends. One thing they all have in common though is that they don’t like working on Mondays or on Fridays as alcohol abuse side effects start to kick in.

On the other hand though there are those who do manage to give up for long stints, 9 times out of ten they will fall back into their bad habits and start binge drinking in an attempt to make up for lost time. The problem with withdrawal symptoms will also have to be tackled as trembling, delusions, hallucinations, and sweating are very common symptoms. And for really bad cases, when they try to stop from one day to the next they may also suffer from cold sweats. You really do need medical support or DUI school in Atlanta if you want to stop and you may even need a medical detoxification.

Confronting an alcoholic is a very brave step to take and it can be a very complicated situation. First of all you need to take up the opportunity while the alcoholic is in a sober state of mind and not when they get home from drinking.

When making contact for the first time with an alcoholic it is called an intervention and should be confronted with tact and a well thought out plan. It is almost impossible to get a positive result on your own so make sure you get in contact with Alcoholics Anonymous first, who have years of experience in dealing with family issues regarding alcohol.

Another good piece of advice to get through the drug and alcohol evaluation in Atlanta  is to visit the drug and alcohol evaluation centers in Atlanta in order to get the correct medical advice regarding treatment. Reach out to Atlanta Treatment Center to know what to expect or call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

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