Effects of Alcoholism Should Be Taken Seriously

Effects of Alcoholism

Over 17 million people in the US suffer from alcoholism. This total includes men, women and even teenagers. Alcohol is legal so it is the most available, socially acceptable and costly drug that is abused in the world today. Those who consume alcohol do it at least once a week. Social drinking usually does not cause dependence on the drug. Those who are dependent on the substance usually drink everyday, which is where the costliness becomes a significant problem. The effects of alcoholism can be very dangerous and if left untreated it can be fatal.

Alcoholism a mental and physical addiction

Alcoholism is a mental and physical addiction. This is because when the person addicted does not have their alcohol fix they may start shaking, sweating and feeling nauseated. In addition, their mental state will be withdrawn, angry or depressed. When a person becomes addicted, they become obsessed with drinking. This obsession starts to affect their career, family and friends. Most alcoholics get to a point where they do not know when to stop drinking and when they do stop, it is usually because they are nauseous or passed out. If they continue to abuse the drug, they will get a higher tolerance for it and start drinking more and more  to get the “high” they need.

Drinking too much alcohol can harm your health.

The effects of alcoholism can be high health risks. These risks can include certain forms of cancer, liver disease, pancreatitis, and heart disease. Women are particularly  in danger of these more than likely health hazards. These possible health problems are usually evident after a long time of abusing alcohol. The liver is the most susceptible to problems caused by drinking, especially a disease called alcoholism hepatitis and cirrhosis (liver scarring). Neurological and sexual problems can also be effects of alcoholism. Some mental issues can be depression or anger. Some who have alcoholism can have anger problems that only increase with the alcohol consumption.

Effects of Alcoholism on Families

The effects of alcoholism on the abusers family can be very severe. Children usually suffer the most from this. Children can have problems with emotional development and are more prone to becoming alcoholics as adults. If the alcoholic parent is abusive when drunk the child can grow up thinking that it is okay to be abusive and end up abusing their significant others or children as well. The effects of alcoholism can also have a big consequence on the abusers relationship or marriage that could end in divorce or separation. The alcoholic can also have career problems because of their disease. The sufferer could have attendance problems due to hangovers and could have performance issues or be immediately terminated if they show up to work drunk.

Treatment of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

There are many treatments for alcoholism today. Choosing the best one can be hard for a person trying to get help with their disease. Once the sufferer decides to take the road to recovery, they should have a lot of support. Otherwise, they can have a relapse and fall right back into the swing of drinking themselves into oblivion. It is very important not only to seek help with controlling the disease. But also to seek psychiatric help especially if there were others that were affected by the person’s alcoholism. Such as children or a spouse.

The Alcohol and Drug Evaluation is the first step in determining if an addiction is present, the extent of the addiction and the assistance needed for the development of a treatment plan.  The evaluation is intended to assist in the evaluation of life stress, attitude, emotional stability, criminal history, and alcohol/drug use through the personal interview and assessment tools.

Are you in need of an alcohol and drug evaluation in Atlanta or Marietta? Or perhaps you’re just trying to support a loved one. Who has been court-ordered to undergo alcohol and drug evaluations in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. Whatever the case may be, the Atlanta Treatment Center is here to support you or your loved ones and help you understand the alcohol and drug evaluation process. Call us at 404-333-8301 to schedule your Drug and Alcohol Assessment.

What to Consider When Choosing an Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Center for Yourself

Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Center

Have you recently decided that you would like to end the dependency that you have on alcohol? If you have, you likely already know that there are a number of treatment options available to you., One of those options includes a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation if you live in or around the Atlanta area. If you are interested in checking yourself into Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Centers to get the help that you may need, there are a number of important factors that you will want to take into consideration, when choosing a treatment center to attend.

Cost is an important factor that needs to be examined when searching for an Atlanta alcohol treatment center. In and around the Atlanta area, there are a large number of alcohol treatment centers; however, each of these centers have different fee scales. Before checking yourself into an Atlanta alcohol addiction treatment center, you will want to examine your current health insurance coverage, if you have any. That way, you can see if the alcohol treatment may be covered under your plan. If it is not and you are on a budget, cost will play an important role in finding Drug and Alcohol Evaluation services in Atlanta.

Another important factor that needs to be examined, when searching for Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Centers  is, referrals. When examining all centers, it is important to determine if referrals or recommendations from a physician are required to be accepted into a treatment program. While there are many Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Centers  that allow patients to check themselves in, of their own free will, there are others who require proof from a doctor that an alcohol addiction is present or negatively impacting your life or your health.

As previously stated, there are a relatively large number of Atlanta addiction treatment centers that can be found in and around the metro Atlanta area. These treatment centers all have the same goal, which is to rid you of your dependency on drugs or alcohol, but those goals are accomplished through different treatments. You may want to examine the treatments that each Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Center will have you undergo. For instance, you will likely have to attend therapy sessions. Will those sessions be private or group sessions or will you be able to attend a combination of them both? These are things that you will want to look at when finding Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Centers  to check yourself into.

Another important factor that should be examined is the length of treatment at each treatment center  you are interested in checking yourself into. All Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Centers  will have a specific time frame that they require their patients to stay in the facility for, while others may allow you to be released when they deem you ready. If a specific time frame is required,  the length of stay will have an impact on the cost of checking yourself into an Atlanta alcohol addiction treatment center and you will want to take this important factor into consideration.

In short, it is advised that you examine cost, treatment methods, referrals, as well as length of stay, when choosing a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Centers in Atlanta to check yourself into. By thoroughly examining all information given to you, you should be able to find the Atlanta alcohol treatment center that can best fit you and your needs. The numerous treatment programs offered reflect the many levels of addiction that a person may have. Try to set realistic expectations for your treatment from the start. Your body chemistry and brain wiring have changed throughout the course of your addiction as you’ve gotten reliant on the substance. As a result, receiving treatment and achieving long-term sobriety may take a lengthy time. The more patient and accepting you are with yourself, the more beneficial the treatment will be.

If you are looking for Drug and Alcohol Evaluations in Decatur, Drug and Alcohol Evaluations in Roswell, Drug and Alcohol Evaluations in Duluth, GA then you can contact Atlanta Treatment Center to understand more about the process. Consult  at 404-333-8301.


Everything You Need to Know about Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Parties? It can be cool to join parties where you can eat, drink, and dance the night away. Drinking has been part of today’s customary get-togethers. It has become quite inevitable for a person to drink on occasions. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcoholic beverages.

In fact, research says that alcohol content is indeed good for one’s health. However, this must be qualified. The right amount of alcohol content will further produce good effects for the body. But how about the tremendous intake of alcohol? Now this will definitely cause certain illnesses. Too much alcohol intake is a sure way of developing complications of hypertension, chronic diseases, and more of the related illnesses’

Alcohol abuse ranks as one of the common problems a lot of people experience. Alcohol abuse affects people of various ages, ranging from teens to adults. It is vivid enough that alcohol abuse chooses no age, no race, no religion, no marital status, as well as no economic and social statuses. Alcohol abuse can integrate into the system of anybody whose drinking habits get completely out of hand.

Severe occurrences come as a result of alcohol abuse. The list goes on for battered housewives, battered children, cases of murders, and other criminal cases which come as a morbid result of an individual’s alcohol abuse.

The following are the common questions some may ask themselves regarding alcohol abuse treatment in Atlanta; we’ve included qualifying answers.

How can a person be considered to be drinking heavily?

A woman is said to be drinking heavily if she is able to finish more than three drinks in a day or a total of twenty-one drinks in a week. A man is said to be drinking heavily if he drinks more than five drinks in a day or a total of thirty-five drinks in a week.

In what ways can an individual be taking risks with alcohol?

An individual who drinks and then drives, operates any type of machinery, mixes alcohol with either of the over-the-counter or prescription medicine, one who does not inform his surgeon or his physician of his being a regular drinker, pregnant or trying to get pregnant, or one who is drinking alcohol while looking after small children is definitely taking high risks with alcohol.

How is alcohol abuse a habit?

Alcohol abuse becomes a habit with persons who drink regularly to relax, relieve stress, anxiety, boredom, to be able to go to sleep, feel comfortable in every social situation, and to devoid themselves of entertaining unhappy thoughts or unpleasant things.

How can alcohol abuse take over one’s life?

Alcohol abuse clearly has taken over your life if you always worry that your alcoholic beverages will not suffice for the evening or for the weekend, you hide alcohol and purchase it from varied stores so people will not have the slightest idea of how much of an alcoholic you are, you switch from one drink to another, or you always have to sneak around and take a drink of alcohol whenever no one is looking.

How is alcohol abuse a problem for someone affected by it?

Yes, alcohol abuse becomes your life’s number one problem if you can’t stop yourself from drinking once you’ve started, you break your promise of alcohol abstinence, you fail to attend your responsibilities because of drinking, you do feel even the slightest guilt after drinking, have a drink first thing in the morning to keep you going through the day, can’t remember what could have transpired while you were on a drinking spree, or you hurt someone as a result of being drunk.

Put a stop to all of these! Try to cut down your drinking level. Get rid of alcohol abuse. Get alcohol abuse treatment. Alcohol abuse treatment can come from within your own self or with the help of a professional.

Ask your doctor for some alcohol abuse advice, treatment, or referral. You can decide to take drug and alcohol evaluation in Atlanta to get the aid of self-help alcohol abuse support groups. It can just be a matter of having a simple conversation with someone that can be the help you need in order to gain and keep your alcohol abuse treatment on track.

How Does A DUI Happen?

Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Center

As every car owner knows, the simplest way to avoid a DUI charge is always to refrain from getting behind the wheel when you’ve consumed alcoholic beverages. Although such a reminder seems like common sense, there are actually many who believe that they are competent at driving while drunk. Weaving between lanes, slower response time or simply taking a phone call from someone can potentially result in reasonable suspicion in a competent authority’s eyes. Would you recognize what to do if you were pulled over?

As the police officer comes to your car, remain in the car or truck with your hands visible, and provide the police officer with your identification and vehicle ownership papers. Although you shouldn’t provide more information than is asked of you, make an attempt to respond to any requests in a way which is polite and composed, and if asked to move out of your car, do it.

The officer may wish to execute a Standard Field Sobriety Test, which you will have the right to refuse. They would probably then request that you comply with an initial breath evaluation, which you might likewise deny with no later legal ramifications. Having denied the officer’s option to evaluate you, they will be working with mainly visible cues – your overall look, ability to drive properly, general recognition, capability to stand – to discover a likely cause to detain you.

If you’re arrested, the officer will bring you to the station where you’ll take either a blood or breath alcohol content test. Though you can deny the testing, this may seem to a court as an ‘unreasonable’ refusal, which may bring about a year-long revocation of your license, without the possibility of a limited license. If you consent to the exam and are found guilty, you will likely still be given a restricted license. Respectful conduct and a willingness to comply are regarded favorably by police, but you may want to hold your own legal rights close in your mind.

Once more, the simplest way to stay away from these problems is simply to keep from driving while intoxicated. If you have recently been accused of drunk driving, you may want to seek the advice from an experienced DUI school near you. You can take a clinical examination which is a one-on-one meeting between you and a DHR-certified drug addiction expert. A court or probation officer may order you to attend classes if you are charged with a DUI. In many circumstances, your lawyer will advise you to complete a DUI clinical evaluation in Atlanta before appearing in court. To understand how it works, get in touch with Atlanta Treatment Center or Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

The Benefits From DUI Classes

The Benefits from Dui Classes

DUI Classes are dissimilar from state to state. At first offense, DUI means that you have to complete a 9 month class. You have to be registered in this program in order to acquire a restricted driver’s license. Either way, it is an obligatory class that the court requires you to enroll in. Simply put, you will enter a room together with other people who were also charged with DUI. The therapist will go over the unhelpful aspects of drugs and alcohol. The DUI classes are once a day and approximately 2 hours each week. If all courses are the same, then it rotates from one to two hour group meetings in the first week, and 15 minutes personal meeting in the second week and so on. You also get to watch movies that are connected to alcohol, drugs, and drinking and driving.

Short-term DUI classes will provide you the knowledge and information you need to identify situations that could directly lead to a DUI and then you can use appropriate tools to avoid putting yourself in those circumstances again. Long-term DUI classes will surely expand the range of the short-term classes, and add up to cover the effects of alcohol on your body. It will also talk about other prohibited drugs as well as recovery and addiction in general.

Representatives from particular groups like Narcotic anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous will converse to the group and grant information to all attendees about how their relevant agenda will work, and how to find and select a nearby chapter. For offenders with this serious type of problem, this will be your first step to get help that will last for a lifetime.

Here are some of the Benefits of DUI Classes:

  • License Reinstatement: If your license has been suspended or revoked, entering and engaging in DUI Classes can authorize you to have it reinstated.
  • Sentencing Reduction / Court Fine: By taking DUI class, you can possibly reduce the court ordered fine or sentence.
  • Alertness of high risk choices: Attending DUI Classes at experienced dui school near you will definitely increase your responsiveness of high risk options related to drugs and alcohol.

As stated before, DUI Classes are different from state to state. Don’t let the course intimidate you, complete the required 9-month class and regain your freedom. You have to be registered in this program in order to acquire a restricted driver’s license. It can be frightening to go to alcohol and drug class. You might be concerned about what your friends and family will think, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to recover. It is critical to understand that your treatment and recovery from addiction will differ from that of others. However, depending on your unique needs, you can choose from a number of fundamental therapy alternatives. Consult Atlanta Treatment Center for more options or or Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

Signs That Show You are an Alcoholic


I’m sure a few hangovers and drunken nights later, you must have asked yourself the question: Am I an alcoholic? Well, you’ll be glad to know that alcoholism is not a condition which comes up just after a couple of consecutive drinking nights. Moreover, alcoholism is something which is a lot more serious and has become a major concern today all over the world. So what is an alcoholic?

Alcoholism: Why People become Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a condition which is routinely equated with poor financial conditions, depression, anxiety and stress. All in all, it’s a not-so-rosy picture of life in general. The common assumption among people who face the above problems is that downing a couple of drinks will ease the pain of their existence. Since their life or their work offers them nothing that could give them a ‘high’, people turn to alcohol as a source of that high. Sooner or later, the overbearing person craving for the high becomes too much and gradually, without even realizing it, that person suddenly becomes a raging alcoholic.

Alcoholism is not just drinking a lot. Alcoholism is usually associated with alcohol-dependence. It’s not as if alcoholics particularly LIKE alcohol. It is that they NEED it. It’s a medicine. It’s something they’re addicted to. It’s something that gives them the high, which every human needs, but they choose to satisfy that need with alcohol. A man becomes an alcoholic because his life and the world looks better through the alcohol-tinted glasses. He’s not just addicted to the high associated with the alcohol, he’s addicted to this world, and its parallel existence, where he thinks he or she is in control as the king or queen, the emperor, the dictator.

Of course, I’m not saying that only the unfortunate turn to alcohol for the above reasons. The desire to be in a better world is in all of us, rich and poor, just that the alcoholic chooses to pick this path.

Symptoms of an Alcoholic

How would you know if you’re slowly turning into an alcoholic? Here are some signs of an alcoholic which will help you understand if you’re one.

  • Drinking alone and in secret. 
  • Having secret alcohol reserves in the house.
  • Reduced patience and understanding.
  • Reduced interest in hobbies and activities you once enjoyed.
  • Alcohol abuse and drinking a lot during social events.
  • Being irritated very frequently.
  • An insatiable urge to drink when the most trivial of things don’t go your way.
  • Domestic and social violence and abusiveness.

Stop Alcoholism

If you have come to this article, you know, somewhere deep down that alcohol abuse is becoming a major problem for you or someone you know. So fight alcohol abuse now! Here are some ways for alcohol abuse treatment.

Fight it Yourself

This may be tough, but if you seriously understand the social and health repercussions of your drinking habit, you may perhaps be tempted out of alcoholism without any outside help. Curing alcoholism is no mean feat though. So set a target. Set your goals and set your rewards. The rewards may perhaps help you to stop drinking alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab center is one of the other popular ways to quit the bottle. Rehabs may be residential rehabs, where you stay for some days, meet other alcoholics, discuss your problems and really carry on a life without alcohol which might help you realize that you can survive without it. For people with a lesser problem, there are regular alcoholics anonymous meetings which will give your regular doses of the need to quit drinking alcohol.

Alcohol Detoxification

Another very popular way to get rid of alcohol addiction is Atlanta alcohol detox program. Alcohol detox is a method where the alcoholic is given medication to avoid the occurrence of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, so that the alcoholic doesn’t feel the need for alcohol. Alcohol detox programs also have medications to reduce the damage caused due to alcohol consumption.

More on alcoholism and how to cure alcoholism.

  • Alcoholism Stages
  • Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms
  • Alcohol Addiction Symptoms
  • 10 Warning Signs of Alcoholism

So now you know what an alcoholic is. The answer is not in how much you have to drink to be an alcoholic, but in how often you need to drink.  There are many different types of drug misuse treatments available, but the majority of them adhere to a set of guidelines. Residential inpatient treatment programs are highly planned and regimented, with most centers offering comparable activities and therapies. This reduces residents’ stress and uncertainty while simultaneously providing the safest and most supportive environment for healing and recovery. To know how alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta work, feel free to reach out to Atlanta Treatment Center. or or Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

Drug Treatment Center: What Role Does It Play?

A drug treatment center in Atlanta is a place where drug and alcohol addicts get suitable treatment from specialists, doctors and counselors. This involves a long, yet effective procedure and each treatment center treats their patients in a unique manner. The treatment that one gets depends mainly on the level of addiction and attitude of the patient. If a person is hopelessly addicted to drugs or alcohol then the type of treatment would be intensive and require a longer termed commitment. The time period that the person would take to recover would be more as compared to the person who is less addicted or a person who has just got into the habit of drinking or drugs.

People who experience addiction usually are the ones who are caught up in difficult situations in life and think drugs will give them some relief. However, there are many who get into its trap just because they were curious to know what the experience is like and gradually became dependent on it. Hence changing the thought process of the patient is very important and experienced counselors are trained to help with the thought process.

People suffering from addiction also need to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation, which cleanses the poison out of their system before keeping them abstinent. During the initial stages of abstinence, the patient may be subject to withdrawal symptoms, which could provoke violent reactions caused by the absence of the addictive substance in the bloodstream. It is a known fact that drugs and alcohol cause a lot of harm to your body. It affects the nervous system and thereafter the vital organs, shutting each one down, one after the other. Consistent abuse of drugs can cause the heart to beat irregularly and this eventually affects the blood supply to the brain, killing nerve cells essential for basic human functions such as breathing, digestion, and metabolism. What this eventually does is that it compels the body to exist in a constant state of tension and urgency, making the mind incapable of performing any thought processing function other than to sustain life. The therapies offered at a drug treatment center helps you get rid of your addiction and become sober.

There are many therapies like behavioral therapies which adopt a purely scientific approach in order to treat drug addiction. Many drug rehab centers in Atlanta offer these kinds of therapies and drug and alcohol evaluation in order to treat alcohol and drug addicts. They also offer modalities in order to give them the energy and the willpower to fight addiction. In case of any relapse during the treatment or after the treatment, there are counselors devoted for the purpose of bringing the patient back to their natural rhythm. In a drug treatment center they formulate and implement a treatment program based on several aspects like the physical condition of the patient, the mental disposition, and the social background of the patient. It is very important for an addict to adapt to the surroundings around him. This is a gradual process. It will take some time for the person to find his/her place in society and reinstate himself or herself into normal mainstream community life. There are different types of programs for different types of patients because each patient is unique in his or her own way. Each program is tailor made to suit the requirements of people from different backgrounds, having different outlook towards life, spirituality, and even gender.

Everybody who gets into the habit of taking drugs or alcohol thinks that they can start and stop whenever they want to. This is not true, it becomes very difficult for them to come to terms with reality and stop themselves from doing so. They find it difficult to accept the fact that they have become addicted and they can’t get rid of it until and unless they take professional help. Acknowledging the difficulty to come to terms with the reality of an addict’s situation is the starting point. They usually try to deny the fact and lie to their loved ones as well as themselves. Once they realize they need treatment, they will recover successfully.  

Different drugs may be given to help lessen uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox in an inpatient rehab facility. Medications can also aid in the equilibrium of a person’s bodily chemistry, reducing the likelihood of major consequences. A medical practitioner will deliver the drug and monitor its effects while you are in rehab. Reach out to Atlanta Treatment Center to know what to expect or Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

Signs That You May Need Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse, which is also commonly referred to as an alcohol dependence or alcoholism, is a growing problem in America. Many Americans, including Atlanta residents, turn to alcohol to escape their troubles and sometimes even just to have fun; however, it is easy for alcohol use to get out of control.

When it comes to alcohol dependency, there are many individuals who are able to notice that they have an alcohol dependency problem, while others are not able to. If you are unsure as to whether or not your love for alcohol is actually a problem, you are urged to keep reading. Below, some of the many signs that you may need Atlanta alcohol abuse treatment are outlined below.

One of the biggest signs that you may have an alcohol dependency problem is if alcohol is negatively impacting your family. Whether that family includes your parents and siblings or a spouse and children, a dependency on alcohol can do dangerous things to the relationships with those that you know and love. If you regularly find yourself fighting with your family or arguing over your use of alcohol, you may need to seek alcohol abuse treatment in Atlanta. Also, if you are using alcohol to cope with your family problems, you are advised to seek treatment, as alcohol is never a solution.

In addition to problems at home, problems at work are another sign that your alcohol use may have gotten out of control. If you regularly find yourself feeling groggy or “hung-over” at work, you may have an alcohol problem. If so, it is advised that you seek drug and alcohol evaluation centers in Atlanta as soon as possible. When alcoholism is involved, many alcoholics lose the things that are most important to them, like their jobs, before actually realizing that they have a problem.

Also, if you notice that alcohol use is having a negative impact on your social life, you may need to seek drug and alcohol evaluation services in Atlanta. Signs that you may have an alcohol dependency problem include staying home to drink by yourself, instead of going out with friends, or regularly finding ways to bring alcohol into your social activities, no matter what they are. It is advised that you seek treatment before you find yourself, alone and without any social life at all.

Perhaps, the biggest sign that you may have an alcohol problem that may require Atlanta alcohol abuse treatment is if those that you know are talking about your problem. Many times, alcoholics who are approached by those that know, love, and care about them, automatically get defensive and claim that the person or people involved have no right to butt into their lives. However, what many alcoholics do not realize is that those around them are often the first to realize that a problem exists. That is why it is advised that you listen to those around you, whether they are your friends or your family.

The above-mentioned signs are just a few of the many that may indicate that you may have an alcohol dependency problem. As previously stated, the best time to seek treatment is before you hit rock bottom. That is why it is advised that you always keep triggers and signs in mind, particularly before picking up your next alcoholic beverage. The numerous treatment programs offered reflect the many levels of addiction that a person may have. Try to set realistic expectations for your treatment from the start. Your body chemistry and brain wiring have changed throughout the course of your addiction as you’ve gotten reliant on the substance. As a result, receiving treatment and achieving long-term sobriety may take a lengthy time. The more patient and accepting you are with yourself, the more beneficial the treatment will be. To understand more about the process, consult Atlanta Treatment Center or Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

The Battle Against Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Abusing alcohol and other substances is a big problem out there and if you are one of them then I am afraid that you are suffering from substance abuse. It is an expensive problem in more ways than one as it also affects family, friends and work colleagues. The latest statistics show that substance abuse causes nearly 100,000 deaths per year and that’s just in the US and Canada.

Alcohol has a really negative effect on our kids too, especially at college. It also increases the tendency to smoke and try out other illegal substances. What future will they have with such serious problems at such a young age? To add insult to injury, alcohol related motor accidents are the number one cause of death for our teenagers.

If the truth is to be told, alcohol or drug use could be a result of kids being depressed, which is even more common in our overrated society. The problem of alcohol abuse becomes a reality when it begins to interfere with your daily life and your performance is way down. When we refer to alcoholism it is the eventual step of feeling physically or emotionally dependent on alcohol just to get through another day.

If we try to define the actual drinking habits of somebody who abuses alcohol, we can’t. This condition caters for those who drink daily as well as those who just like to go over the top at weekends. One thing they all have in common though is that they don’t like working on Mondays or on Fridays as alcohol abuse side effects start to kick in.

On the other hand though there are those who do manage to give up for long stints, 9 times out of ten they will fall back into their bad habits and start binge drinking in an attempt to make up for lost time. The problem with withdrawal symptoms will also have to be tackled as trembling, delusions, hallucinations, and sweating are very common symptoms. And for really bad cases, when they try to stop from one day to the next they may also suffer from cold sweats. You really do need medical support or DUI school in Atlanta if you want to stop and you may even need a medical detoxification.

Confronting an alcoholic is a very brave step to take and it can be a very complicated situation. First of all you need to take up the opportunity while the alcoholic is in a sober state of mind and not when they get home from drinking.

When making contact for the first time with an alcoholic it is called an intervention and should be confronted with tact and a well thought out plan. It is almost impossible to get a positive result on your own so make sure you get in contact with Alcoholics Anonymous first, who have years of experience in dealing with family issues regarding alcohol.

Another good piece of advice to get through the drug and alcohol evaluation in Atlanta  is to visit the drug and alcohol evaluation centers in Atlanta in order to get the correct medical advice regarding treatment. Reach out to Atlanta Treatment Center to know what to expect or call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.

The Four Step Process of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Addiction is a problem that has persisted over the last 50-60 years, while properly defined, qualified, and equipped drug and alcohol rehab centers have come into existence only in the past few decades. Over the years these centers have refined the process of treatment and most of these centers follow a very simple four-step process. These processes assure lifelong results and help the individual lead a happy, contented, fulfilled, and sober life like any other individual.

How and why did I ever get into this mess? This is the question most addicts ask themselves at some time or another and once they realize the reasons why, they make a further resolve to get out of this situation they are already in by connecting with a  four step treatment at a suitable rehab facility.

The first step of the drug and alcohol rehab treatment program is called the initial treatment. Whenever addicts decide to get professional help for addiction, they enter the first step, as they are now ready to commit to get out of the pit, so to speak. Most people enter a rehab program expecting miracles.

At this stage, the individual is personally counseled by the experts who understand medical history and the level of addiction before designing the details of the program. This is the most difficult stage because the individual is enthusiastic about following the program and at the same time they’re experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. It sometimes gets difficult for them to choose the right direction.

The next step of the drug and alcohol rehab program is called early abstinence. Once the individual has committed himself to the treatment for substance addiction, he or she enters the second stage of the rehab treatment. This is a tough time for the patient, as they have to cope with many factors, such as withdrawal symptoms, physical craving, and psychological dependence.

Some of the elements can tempt the patient into a relapse thus, it is very important to keep the patient under close observation during this phase of the treatment. Additional counseling and therapy are initiated to sustain the wall of resistance.

The third stage of the drug and alcohol rehab treatment program is maintaining abstinence. This stage generally starts after the first 90 days of the second stage. From early abstinence, they move to maintenance abstinence where they start living in a residential center where they undergo in-patient treatment. At this stage, the patients continue to receive follow-up counseling from where they can later on opt for outpatient treatment. The focus of this stage in the drug and alcohol treatment program is to try to maintain abstinence by avoiding any kind of craving and relapse. The patients are taught about the warning signs and steps that can lead them to a relapse and through appropriate therapy develop a fortified resolve to withstand any such proclivities.

The last stage of the recovery program is called advanced recovery. This level can be reached only after the patients have spent a long time in the third stage. This is the final stage of the recovery process where the individual learns tools and skills of recovery. They learn how to control cravings and thus lead a satisfying and happy life. People not only learn to stay sober but also get the confidence to lead a normal life. If an individual can follow the four steps, he is sure to emerge successful and start living a normal life again. Drug and alcohol education programs are available at Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Atlanta to educate people about the dangers of addiction. This type of program, sometimes known as “DUI class” or “DUI school,” may be imposed by the court following a DUI arrest. These programs are about far more than just meeting court obligations. They are intended for persons who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. To know more, consult Atlanta Treatment Center. or Call 404-333-8301 for a free consultation.