What are basic physical symptoms of Anger Disorder?

What are basic physical symptoms of Anger Disorder?

What are basic physical symptoms of Anger Disorder?

“Anger Disorder is not a hidden psychological issue nowadays, not anymore!  When it comes to Anger, it is an emotion and therefore, everyone has it. However, the probability of getting this emotion and the controllability upon the emotion only defines if the anger disorder is residing in one person’s personality or not” suggests the Anger Management Evaluation experts of Atlanta Therapy Center. More often than not, the first step on the subject of a cure for Anger disorder is Anger Management Class where one is free to speak about the prior and post feelings of Anger burst out. The process makes the recovery quite possible. Here are the basic physical symptoms to figure out the presence of Anger disorder—

Boosted Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the symptoms of Anger Disorder. You may say that there could be other reasons for boosted blood pressure too, on the contrary, according to medical conclusions, anger tend to enhance the stress level in the body like a surge of hormones is progressed. In this situation, the cardiac output is boosted that is the amount of blood pumped at a time increased twice. More often than not, the blood pressure may result in a heart attack or even death if not controlled in time. It is recommendable to stay in touch with Anger management Evaluation assistance if boosted blood pressure is one of the symptoms you are experiencing.


Fatigue here refers to extreme tiredness. Akin to any other mental illness, in anger disorder, extreme tiredness is one of the symptoms. More often than not, the one who is going through Anger issues may encounter tiredness to a level where he/she cannot get out of bed, room, or sometimes, even cannot adapt to move at all. To control fatigue is quite important for one’s living to move on. If you are coming across extreme tiredness one your temper is high even though it is for quick seconds or minutes, get instant help!

Tightening of Chest

Do you know what it does feel like to become aware of your own heartbeats? Yes! That uncomfortable feeling comes from the tightening of the Chest. With time, the tightening of the chest becomes a physical inconvenience you may encounter if you are going through extreme anger issues. In this situation, it is important for one to calm down and inhale & exhale deeply for a few minutes. Tightening of the chest may lead to a breakdown in public and other health issues in the long run. Anger management is the solution for the controllability of this symptom.

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